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2016 Event



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Date:   11/12 June 2016

Venue: 12 Gardens in the Kloof area between Alamein Avenue and Uve Road

Tea Garden (the Tetley Tea Garden) will be located at Kloof Junior Primary at 30 Abelia Road

Entry: R60pp which includes a cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake at the Tea Garden

Tickets can be purchased on the day and are valid for all gardens. Tickets will be sold at Kloof Junior Primary and Gardens 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Children under 12 are free.


The Upper Highway is situated within the Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany Biodiversity Hotspot* and is well known for the wealth of flora and fauna that is found in the area. The protection of this flora and fauna through indigenous gardens has been the theme of all our Indigenous Garden events. Rapid urbanisation and housing developments in the eThekwini Metro area have drastically reduced the areas where this valuable biodiversity can thrive. The challenge therefore for authorities and property developers is to find ways that can accommodate the development requirements but also takes into account the need to preserve what is left of our biodiversity.

eThekwini Municipality introduced the Durban Metro Open Space System (D’MOSS)  concept in the early 2000’s as a planning tool to promote the protection of the valuable biodiversity of the area. Prior to the introduction of D’MOSS the city relied on green spaces, parks and nature reserves to protect the biodiversity. Studies showed that these “green islands” because they were relatively isolated, could not sustain the biodiversity in the long term. The concept of D’MOSS provides for the interlinking of the green islands through natural green corridors along rivers, streams and drainage lines. The municipality identified the most important biodiversity areas of the metro area and superimposed the D’MOSS layer which a planning tool to alert the planners to proposed developments in areas of high biodiversity value.

Where this concept has been embraced, as in the gardens on display, the rewards for the property owners have been enormous. Not only have they created environments which are conducive to the protection of the biodiversity of the area but they have also significantly enhanced their own quality of life through the blending of their lifestyles with the nature around them. These gardens are rich in biodiversity not only in the diversity of the flora but also with fauna as the environments which have created have brought back many species such as Blue Duiker, Bushbuck, Porcupine, Slender and Water Mongoose, Caracal and many others. In addition properties are much sought after and their economic value increased.

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We have created a blog for Indigenous Open Gardens 2016. The blog is a source of inspiration for the event-a newsfeed of articles, interviews and images leading up to the show. The blog will be on line soon.


Gardens are open on Saturday and Sunday from 9am with last entry at 4pm

Tea Garden: The Tetely Tea Garden is situated at Kloof Junior Primary and will be operating from 9am to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday – your entry ticket includes a free cup of tea/coffee and a slice of cake.

Food and Cooldrinks: A tuck-shop at Kloof Junior Primary will be selling wors and salad rolls and chicken burgers throughout the weekend. Cooldrinks will be available for sale at Gardens 1, 3, 4 and 5

Guided Forest Walks: There will be guided forest walks (approximately 45minutes) at Garden N3 – Cascades at 10am and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday – meet at the center island on the driveway – these walks are not suitable with people with walking difficulties as they involve walking on uneven forest paths. Visitors can also undertake these walks on their own.

Guided Grassland Walks: There will be guided walks (approximately 1hr) into the grasslands at Krantzkloof Nature Reserve from the Uve Road entrance – next to Garden 6 at 10am and 2pm. This is a relatively easy walk along an undulating and reasonably even path and beautiful scenery!

Raffle: We will be selling raffle tickets at all ticket selling gates (Gardens 1

Information: The following organisations and associations will be present at the event:

  • The Botanical Society of South Africa will be located at Garden 1 to answer any queries and promote the interest in our flora.
  • Keep Kloof Beautiful Association will be located at Garden 2 and will be explaining their plans for beautifying Kloof.
  • Flora and Fauna Publications Trust will be located at Garden 3b – well known gardening and plant authors Elsa Pooley, Geoff Nichols as well as Charles and Julia Botha will be in attendance at various times during the event.
  • eThekwini Municipality will have a D’MOSS information stand at Garden 3d
  • Fern Specialist: Prof Neil Crouch the co-author of “Ferns of Southern Africa, A comprehensive guide” will be based at Garden 3e and will be selling the fern book and answering questions on ferns. Neil is a leading botanist with his own extensive indigenous garden so he will also be able to answer questions on indigenous gardening.
  • Vervet Monkeys: Primates Africa will have an information table at Garden No 4 where you can learn more about how to live in balance with nature  and specifically vervet monkeys. Vervet monkeys are a “hot topic” in eThekwini but we can easily learn to live with them with some simple adjustments to our life styles and by understanding the vervet better.

  • Reptiles: Well-known amateur herpetologist Pat McKrill of Snake Country will be located at Garden 4 and will have some live specimens on display.
  • Endangered Wildlife Trust – Endangered Amphibian Programme: Dr Jeanne Tarrant, renowned local amphibian specialist will be located at Garden 5 and will have information on frogs as well as books on sale.
  • BirdLife PortNatal: will be located at Garden 5 and will have a bird watching scope set-up on the deck with a view over the forest. A number of bird experts will be at this garden to answer your questions.
  • The Leipidopterists Society: will be located at Garden 6 and will be on hand to answer your questions on butterflies


Plant Sales: Nurseries will be located at the Kloof Junior Primary where you can purchase indigenous plants at bargain price.

Special Fern Sale: We will be selling ferns specially grow for this event to encourage the planting of indigenous ferns which arre not easily found in nurseries. The beautiful indigenous Button Fern (Tectaria gemmifera) will be on sale for R40 each at Garden 3e – funds raised from the sale will go to Kloof Conservancy projects.

Garden Craft: A number of specialsit crafters making wire, metal and bead garden ornaments will be selling their works at Kloof Junior Primary

Tableware with an indigenous theme handcrafted by Tanza Crouch of Entoceramics will be on sale at Garden 3e

Jewellery – handcrafted jewellery featuring insects and plants/flowers by Elaine Kool of Kool Designs will be on sale at Garden No 3e

Assagay Coffee – relax and enjoy a cup of great coffee at Garden 4

Eats and Treats – also available at Garden 4


Please read these terms as displayed at the entry of each garden. If you are not happy with them you are entitled to return your ticket for a refund, provided you have not entered any of the properties.

These terms exempt Kloof Conservancy and the owner/occupier of any liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused.

Please note that all gardens have rough paths, cobblestones, gravel, rocks over which you can walk – all these are potential tripping hazards. Some gardens have steep sections and the trails are very rough as one would expect in a forest environment. We have tried our best to make these paths walkable but if you have a walking disability then you may need to reconsider using some of the more challenging sections.

In all cases you enter the gardens and walk the paths at your own risk.


Click HERE for details of the gardens


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Some simple guidelines to help you enjoy the gardens:

  • Wear sensible shoes – many gardens have cobblestone paving or gravel or slopes!
  • Many of the gardens have interesting/unusual trees so bring along a tree book
  • Take a pair of binoculars if you are interested in birds – most of the gardens on show are bird havens
  • Plan your comfort breaks – the gardens do not provide toilet facilities but these are available at the Tea Garden.
  • June can be very hot – wear sunscreen and a hat – cooldrinks will be for sale at most gardens
  • The gardens are “open” but the homes are not – please respect the owners privacy and do not wander through private spaces
  • Please do not bring any animals into any of the gardens


*Biodiversity Hotspots – for more information on biodiversity hotspots visit:


Our sponsors for 2016 include:

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The Environmental Planning and Climate Protection Department (EPCPD) at eThekwini Municipality are responsible for developing and maintaining the D’MOSS guidelines. They will be present at the event and will showcase three of their operational programmes:

  • Working on Fire
  • Working for Ecosystems
  • Community Reforestation

For more information on D’MOSS click HERE to access the eThekwini Municipality Website