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Completed Projects


Local schools including Kloof High School, Kloof Senior and Junior Primary Schools, Forest Hills Primary School and Thomas More College, have all received funds and encouragement from Kloof Conservancy to remove Category 1 invasive trees, especially camphor trees from their school grounds.

Completed 2009


Kloof Conservancy assisted VEMA HAR (Voluntary Emergency Medical Association – High Angle Rescue Unit) in 2010 by purchasing a new trailer for them which houses all the equipment necessary for the effcient functioning of the Rescue Unit. The Kloof Conservancy branding is quite evident on the body of the trailer. Dave Underwood from Sharpline Screenprinting and Reflective Products sponsored all the artwork and signage for the trailer. VEMA HAR is frequently called to do rescue work in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve when hikers get into difficulty and are injured.

Completed 2010


Kloof Conservancy contributed funds for alien eradication in the early days of the establishment of Iphithi Nature Reserve.

Completed 2010


Kloof Conservancy were involved for many years in organising, managing and the upkeep of the Recycling Center at the old Civic Building site. This has now been taken over by the Keep Kloof Beautiful Association who have recently (2011) significantly upgraded the entire facility. Kloof Conservancy also contributed to the upgrade.

Completed 2011

Camera Traps

In December 2010 the Ronald’s Kloof Stream Rehabilitation Project (supported by Kloof Conservancy) received a nomination for a Mayors Award in the Biodiversity Category from the Mayor of eThekwini. The residents decided to use the money from the Mayor’s award to purchase three Bushnell Trophy Cam, camera traps which they donated to the Honorary Officers of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve to record wildlife in the reserve.

The cameras work off batteries and use infra-red light to take photographs or video during daytime or at night. The plan is to use the cameras in selected areas in the reserve to record the movement of nocturnal animals about which very little is known at present.


Johann Vermeulen with one of the camera’s

Completed 2011


Kloof Conservancy originally sponsored the landscaping of several high visiblity areas in Kloof namely the Kloof Town Hall, the front verge at First National Bank, the rail reserve in front of Stokers, the entrance to Kloof at the Pioneer Road off-ramp, and numerous traffic round-abouts.

In addition to improving and beautifing the environment the landsacped areas serve to educate the public on the impressive gardening that can be achieved with indigenous plants.

In the recent past the Keep Kloof Beautiful Association has come into existance with a specific focus to beautify the Kloof area. As such Kloof Conservancy has agreed that the sites originally established by the conservancy should in fututre be managed by Keep Kloof Beautiful Association.

Kloof Conservancy will continue to manage the M13 Project and all related landscaping on the M13 off-ramps.

 landscape3  landscape2 landscape1


Completed 2012


Neighbourhood Environmental Project – ST MARY’S AREA

This project has focused on invasive alien eradication on the verges and public open spaces in the St. Mary’s area and Fields Crescent on the M13. Kloof Conservancy helped to kick-start the project and provided some of the early funding. The project has been otherwise totally funded by local residents, and in 2010 the budgeted expenditure of R10 per month per household was met. This level of funding will make this a sustainable long-term project. Of course not everyone contributes but there has been a good response. The work done has also encouraged residents to beautify their own verges and several home owners have taken advantage of the offer to have the team’s workers clear IAPs inside their own gardens at cost. In addition the project received a generous donation of trees from Brad May, and also sourced nearly 200 saplings from Jean Senogles of WESSA for which a donation of R1000 was made to the WESSA Treasure Beach project. This project has been very successful.

Project Leader: Dusty-Lee Donnelly.

Work on this project stopped in 2014