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    Indigenous Open Gardens

    It  is with some regret that I have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 Indigenous Open Gardens scheduled for the weekend of 20/21 June.

    As things stand at the moment it is clear that even if the lockdown restrictions are lifted further in early June there will still be restrictions and it is difficult to see that events like the Indigenous Open Gardens would be allowed to go ahead.

    All the forecasts are for a peak in infections around September so even if restrictions were to be eased the risks of  infection would be high. We also need to bear in mind that  a very high percentage of our visitors are in the senior citizen category and thus more vulnerable and also more likely to be still in some form of lockdown mode until the end of this year or at least they will be reluctant to risk infection.

    We have considered postponing to the end of the year but do not believe this is a good idea as there will still be uncertainty and we cannot keep our team and especially our Gardeners “on a string” forever. The Rotary Anns Open Gardens is also scheduled for October. We have always enjoyed a good relationship with them and we would not want to clash with their event.

    We  would very much like to plan to go ahead with the same gardens at the  same time next year  (that would be the weekend of 19/20 June) – we will need to check the general events calendar before confirming that but at this stage that seems like a good date and we are hoping the gardeners will all come on board next year. Our projects kitty will take a knock but that is something we will have to accept.

    We live in a strange situation that none of us have experienced before and that we have to learn to  adjust to. We hope to have your support in 2021 – we will turn 21 in 2021! 

    Best regards,
    Paolo Candotti
    Kloof Conservancy

    Indigenous Open Gardens