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    Alien Busters

    Worst Offenders

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    There are very many IAPs that have and continue to invade Kloof and the information below will help you to identify and eradicate the ones that you are most likely to come across.

    We have also developed some specific fact sheets for some of these IAPs which you can download below.

    Aquatic Invaders

    These alien plants also pose a huge threat to our environment and can reduce the stream flow in catchment areas and choke rivers and dams restricting the drawing of water for irrigation and domestic purposes and they also hamper water sports. If you or your friends have a water feature or pond in you garden please check them for these nasty plants. Some argue that a small water feature is a “contained area” and does not pose a threat to the environment, however, this is simply not true. A water feature is usually exposed to birds which will carry off immature plants on their feet and disperse them. Two of the most serious invaders are Salvinia molesta (Kariba weed) and Pistia stratiotes (Water lettuce).

    Kariba weed originates from south-east Brazil and is a free-floating aquatic plant from the water fern family. Any fragment broken from the parent plant will form a new plant. The double kidney-shaped inflated leaves prevent the plant from sinking and are velvety to the touch. This plant upsets aquatic life by reducing light penetration and oxygen levels in the water. The choking of rivers and dams prevents recreational water sports. Apart from creating the perfect habitat for mosquitoes and bilhazia-carrying snails, the plant has a very fast growth rate. Lake Kariba recorded an increase in just two years from 20 ha to over 40 000 ha. As an example a large pond in a local garden, which was a month ago crystal clear, is now not visible due to the heavy rains bringing in the weed.


    eThekwini Municipality have produced two excellent posters showing good photographs of IAPs and indigenous alternatives.

    You can download these posters by clicking on the images below (note the files sizes are 3,8mb and 2,8mb respectively).

    Beautiful but Dangerous Poster 1 AlienBustersPoster2


    The following web-site has excellent information on IAPs:


    IAP Fact Sheets

    Below you can download Fact Sheets on some of the more common IAPs you are likely to come across in Kloof.

    American Bramble
    Balloon Vine
    Barbados Gooseberry
    Black Wattle
    Brazilian Pepper
    Castor Oil Plant
    Coral Bush
    Mexican Sunflower
    Sword Fern
    Wandering Jew




    Alien Busters

    Worst Offenders