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    Kwa-Ximba Conservancy

    Kwa-Ximba Trail Run

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    Kwa-Ximba Trail Run Logo

    Kloof Conservancy is proud to be part of the organising team for the Kwa-Ximba Trail Run, a joint venture project with Kwa-Ximba Conservancy.

    This project is on hold until further notice.

    The Kwa-Ximba Conservancy was established in early 2013 and is committed to the protection of the biodiversity of the Kwa-Ximba area (on the Umzindusi and Umgeni Rivers, near Cato Ridge) through education and public participation in environmentally orientated activities. A high priority for the conservancy is to identify projects which can create benefit for the community so that both the inhabitants and the environment can be winners.

    One of the projects being promoted by the conservancy is the establishment of a Stewardship area in the only remaining bushveld area in Kwa-Ximba. In the long term it is hoped that this will be converted and proclaimed as a Nature Reserve. The process is of necessity a lengthy one as the official hurdles are significant and require extensive consultation and negotiation with all parties affected.

    The plan is to engage with the official process as required but to run a parallel project to improve the area, educate the residents and hopefully also create some financial benefits through the work needed to improve the area and tourist activities.

    The Kwa-Ximba Conservancy organises the Kwa-Ximba Trail Run as a fund raiser for its environmental activities.

    This is the only source of income for the Kwa-Ximba Conservancy. All funds raised will be used to employ workers to maintain paths for hiking and nature walks as well as for promotional activities and projects of the conservancy.


    The start and finish of the run is at iSithumba Adventure Park. The route of the trail run is either 9 km (a fun run), 16 km (a moderate run) or 22 km (a tough run).

    Read the route description.


    Visit our Facebook page for photos and results from past events.

    Kwa-Ximba Conservancy

    Kwa-Ximba Trail Run