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    Completed Projects

    Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

    Kloof Conservancy donated over R500,000 to Krantzkloof Nature Reserve over the course of this project.

    This project has ended after more than 20 years. Visit the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve website for information about the Reserve, including opening and closing times and for any reserve related activities or issues.

    You can still visit our local information page about Krantzkloof Nature Reserve for facts about the reserve.


    The Conservancy funded invasive alien eradication programmes and the improvement of facilities such as picnic sites, staff accommodation, and entrances and while also assisting with maintaining the network of trails.

    Kloof Conservancy BioGuide

    Kloof Conservancy BioGuide was officially launched on 21 November 2014. It is a QR Code based system for mobile devices first trialled in Krantzkloof Nature Reserve and since rolled out across Kloof, including to Memorial Park and the Msinsi Nature Reserve.

    QR Codes are digital images which are captured by the camera on a digital mobile device and then software on the device accesses a website with information about a feature, mammal, tree, bird etc.

    Kloof Conservancy BioGuide QR Code

    QR Code Labels were introduced in the Durban Botanical Gardens in 2014 as a project to label trees but we understand that this project was a first for an Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife reserve and possibly a first for any nature reserve in South Africa. The project took the concept developed at the Durban Botanical Gardens to a new level with the following exclusive features:

    1. Access to our own dedicated Kloof Conservancy BioGuide website – this enables us to use local information thus making the information more relevant and interesting to visitors.
    2. Use of responsive design which automatically adjusts the photographs and text to suit any mobile device – this means that you to not have to adjust your screen text size as the text immediately appears in a highly legible size and font. All you need to do is scroll up and down to read all the information.
    3. In our endeavours to reach a new audience and broaden the appeal of the reserve, visitors can switch from English to isiZulu at the tap of a finger.

    The project was initiated in April 2014 and completed in July 2015. A total of 71 Labels covering 30 different species/features were installed.

    Kloof Conservancy BioGuide Instructions

    Completed Projects

    Krantzkloof Nature Reserve