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IAPs and the Law

Law on IAPs

There are currently two sets of legislation which regulate Invasive Alien Plants. These are:

Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (CARA)

National Environmental Biodiversity: Management Act (NEMBA). This ACT addresses all invasive species and not just plant species.

Current Status

In August 2014 the Minister of Environmental Affairs issued regulations to give effect to NEMBA. These regulations came into effect on 1 October 2014.

The Species Lists have been revised since their first release in August 2014. The latest versions are available to download as per below.

Please note that to simplify things the Department of Environmental Affairs now makes available individual lists of the various invasive species categorised by group. The available lists (can be downloaded from the SA Invasives Site website)

List 1 – National list of Invasive Terrestrial and Fresh-water Plant Species

List 2 – National List of Invasive Marine Plant Species

List 3 – National List of Invasive Mammal Species

List 4 – National List of Invasive Bird Species

List 5 – National List of Invasive Reptile Species

List 6 – National List of Invasive Amphibian Species

List 7 – National List of Invasive Fresh-water Fish Species

List 8 – National List of Terrestrial Invasive Invertebrate Species

List 9 – National List of Invasive Fresh-water Invertebrate Species

List 10 – National List of Invasive Marine Invertebrate Species

List 11 – National List of Invasive Microbial Species

Invasive Plant Lists and regs

Download CARA Declared Invasive Alien Plants List

Download the Full NEMBA Invasive Alien Species List

Download the National list of Invasive Terrestrial and Fresh-water Plant Species

Download the NEMBA Regulations

ethekwini municipality plans

The eThekwini Municipality has complied with the requirement in the NEMBA Regulations to prepare and submit an Invasive Alien Species Management Plan by 30 September 2016. You can download the plan by clicking HERE   Please note this is a 14MB file.