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  • Kloof Conservancy BioGuide
  • Treasures of Kloof | Crowned Eagle
  • Kloof Treasures | Caracal
  • Kloof Treasures | Eulophia cucullata
  • Kloof Treasures |  Wahlbergs Eagle
  • Kloof Treasures | Unidentified Caterpillar
  • Kloof Treasures|Porcupine Huernia (Huernia hystrix)
  • Kloof Treasures | Vine Snake
  • Kloof Treasures | Crowned Hornbill
  • Kloof Treasures | Bushbaby
  • 2015 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run | Results
  • Kloof Treasures | Blue Duiker
  • Kloof Treasures| White-ringed Atlas Moth
  • Kloof Treasures | Black-collared Barbet
  • Kloof Treasures | Trumpeter Hornbill
  • Kloof Treasures | Streptocarpus molweniensis
  • Kloof Conservancy Rebranded | Read More
  • Kloof Treasures | Knysna Turaco

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Situated in the Highway mistbelt, 30km west from the Durban CBD and at an elevation of 540m above sea level, Kloof contains a wealth of flora and fauna, breathtaking views of Kloof Gorge, walking trails from gentle to arduous, numerous
streams and many waterfalls. Kloof Conservancy is a key player in protecting and preserving the amazing biodiversity that is found within this beautiful area. Read More


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Kwa-Ximba Trail Run

Entries for the Kwa-Ximba Trail Run are now open on our website.  

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3 Falls - on-line entries closed

On-line entries are now closed as we have reached our 300 runner limit set by...

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