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It is our collective duty to care for our natural heritage in the present and for the future. Kloof is host to many important, rare and endemic (locally occurring) habitats and species. Unfortunately, most of these are under threat and in decline due to urban development, invasive alien plant proliferation and public ignorance. This is impacting on the environmental well-being of the area. As a business operating in Kloof, it is important that you partner with others to ensure the environmental health and sustainability of the area, not only for your sake but for that of your customers, suppliers and the community at large. By being part of the initiative, you can help to secure the ecological integrity of Kloof. Local biodiversity provides us with many ecosystem goods and services essential to quality of life e.g. clean air, fresh water, healthy soil, storm water regulation (flood mitigation), recreation opportunities, and an aesthetically pleasing environment. Businesses rely directly on these eco-services, which contribute to making Kloof the attractive, unique business destination that it is. It is in your interest to ensure local environmental sustainability.

We need you!

Kloof Conservancy values the role played by businesses in our conservation efforts. We run many projects. Funds and people with various expertise are required in order to carry out diverse tasks. These tasks include everything from manual labour (in the case of IAP eradication and habitat rehabilitation) to small project management, marketing, running awareness campaigns and educational activities, and fundraising. Even the smallest contribution counts. There is, however, no obligation to get involved in these activities.

Our Business Members

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