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    3 Falls Trail Run



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    Event Summaries


    The 2019 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 4 August 2019.

    The sky was cloudless and the temperature cool but not cold and that all helped for another great Trail Run.

    We had a record field of 322 starters – our limit is 300 but Ezemvelo do gives us a bit of leeway so we stretched it a bit this year! We are fortunate to have some very loyal runners but of the 314 finisher it was also great to note that 147 (46%) were first time runners!

    We had a number of runners with cuts and bruises but thankfully no serious injuries which is really pleasing given the highly technical nature of the course.

    We had seven runners who have run every event since it started in 2012. They are: Dawn McKay, Fiona McCarthy, Denise Reyneke, Cara Pechey, Dave Mercer, Kevin Williams and Byron Field.

    Congratulations to the seventeen runners who have now completed 5 runs and qualified for their permanent blue number: Derek Wasserfall, Julius De Clercq, Lyndon Nash, Dean Franz, Daryl Hefer, Simon Smith, Lauren Calenbourne, Tomas Ridl, David Campbell-Hall, Mitchell Harty, Scott Van Staden, Glenn Staples, Julian Schroeder, Maryanne Oliver, Julia Lyle, Charmain Shandu and Eileen Combes.

    We raised R88 050 – slightly less than last year as we only had one sponsor for the finishers medals but it is still a significant and very important amount. We have already allocated all these funds to trail repairs, improvements to the picnic sites and the printing of the new Krantzkloof Trails Map (that alone was R50 000 but it will provide maps for the next 3 years) – hopefully those of you that are regular visitors to the reserve will have noticed the improvements.


    1st 🥇 MenDerek Wasserfall1:53:54
    1st 🥇 WomenAlison Misselhorn2:13:16


    The 2018 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 5 August 2018.

    Another great day in Krantzkloof with ideal trail running conditions. 295 runners started and 282 completing the course. Both mens and woman’s events were run at a fast pace with the woman’s winner Megan Liebetrau setting a new course record.

    Colin van den Bergh scored his first win in the men’s race in his 6th attempt. He fended a late challenge from Alisdair Leslie and 2013 winner Derek Wasserfall.

    Once again our team of “faithful” runners who have participated in every 3 Falls ran and showed no sign of ageing! They are: Byron Field, Cara Pechey, Dave Mercer, Dawn McKay, Denise Reyneke, Fiona McCarthy, Kevin Williams and Margie Foord.

    Record income of R90 078 was achieved with funds allocated primarily to the improvements to the picnic site at Kloof Falls Road, signage and for trail repairs.


    1st 🥇MenColin Van Den Bergh01:53:36
    1st 🥇WomenMegan Liebetrau02:11:55 (new record)


    The 2017 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 6 August 2017.

    The weather could not have been kinder with low cloud keeping the sun at bay and relatively low humidity. The scene was set for a fast run bearing in mind that we had all five previous woman’s winners in the race as well as three of the four previous men’s winners!

    The women’s winner was Zoe Papdakis (also won in 2016) in a time of 2:20:12.

    The men’s event was won by Phumlani Mngadi in a record time of 1:40:08. This was a real scrap between Phumlani and Claude Eksteen who battled it out over the entire course.

    We were pleased to note that all eight of our “permanent number” runners participated in their sixth 3 Falls Trail Run. They were: Byron Field, Cara Pechey, Dave Mercer, Dawn McKay, Denise Reyneke, Fiona McCarthy, Kevin Williams and Margie Foord.

    Seven runners completed their fifth 3 Falls Trail Run and received their permanent number at prize giving. They were: Allister Meaker, Colin van den Bergh, Ivan Coetzee, Jay Dempsey, Ruth Hicks, Stuart Clark and Allison Misselhorn.


    1st 🥇MenPhumlani Mngadi01:40:08 (new record)
    1st 🥇WomenZoe Papadakis2:20:12


    The 2016 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 7 August 2016.

    Another great day for trail running with moderate temperatures and a record field – for the first time the event reached the cut-off limit of 300 runners.

    The 2016 Ladies event was won by first time participant Zoe Papadakis in a new record time of 02:15:02. In what was a hotly contested event second place went to 2013 winner and previous record holder, Alison Misselhorn in a personal best time of 02:16:01.

    The 2016 Men’s winner was Claude Eksteen who was also our winner in 2014 but on the slightly shorter “clockwise” course. Claude was just outside the record set by Eric Ngubane in 2015 but set a blistering pace and took an early lead which he never relinquished.

    This was the 5th running of the 3 Falls Trail Run and 8 runners took part and finished for the 5th consecutive event and were rewarded with a “permanent personalised” race number which they will be able to use for all future events. The eight were: Byron Field, Cara Pechy, Margie Foord, Dave Mercer, Denise Reyneke, Fiona McCarthy, Kevin Williams and Dawn MacKay.

    In total we had 281 finishers and another 76 walkers. Total funds raised R 69,610 which were allocated to the upgrading of the Krantzkloof Conference Centre.


    1st 🥇MenPumlani Mngadi01:40:08 (new record)
    1st 🥇WomenZoe Papadakis02:20:12


    The 2015 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 9 August 2015.

    Excellent weather and a return to the 2013 route provide for a flawless event which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

    Men’s winner was Eric Ngubane in a record setting time of 01:43:46. The women’s event was won by Gina Treleaven with a time of 02:23:48.

    Following the unsuccessful attempt in 2014 to introduce a team event it was decided to use the team trophy for a team challenge between teams from the two areas where Kloof Conservancy runs outreach projects (Molweni and Kwa-Ximba). Each area provided one team of 4 men and the result was based on the cumulative time. The Molweni Mambas easily outperformed the Kwa-Ximba Noguajas to take the floating trophy.

    Another innovation was the introduction of a 6.5 km Fun Walk – a tester to see the reaction from families and friends – the event (untimed) attracted 27 walkers.

    There were 228 starters for the 3 Falls Trail Run of which 223 finished.

    Including the fees from the Fun Walk the event raised R 53,300 which has been reserved for a major upgrade to the Interpretative Centre – the plan is to convert this centre into a Conference/Wedding Centre with all profits being ploughed back into the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.


    Men 1st 🥇Eric Ngubane01:43:46 (new record)
    Women 1st 🥇Gina Treleaven02:23:48


    The 2014 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 10 August 2014.

    The event was not without its surprises with a marshalling error just after the Nkutu Picnic Site (at Route Marker 15) which resulted in the race being run in an unplanned clockwise direction. The organising team made a mad scramble to get all the marshals into the correct positions and most runners were unaware of the error!

    Overall winner was Claude Eksteen (01:42:54 ) and the ladies winner was Trish Bahlmann (02:03:30).

    The event raised R56,200 which was used to build new entrances to Kloof Falls Road and Nkutu Picnic sites – the total cost of the entrances was R135,000 so the funds raised in 2013 and 2014 were used for this purpose.

    There were 248 starters of which 243 finished.


    Men 1st 🥇Claude Eksteen01:42:54
    Women 1st 🥇Trish Bahlman02:03:30


    The 2013 Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took place on Sunday, 11 August 2014.

    The event was moved from October to August to reduce the risk of having to cancel the event in case of a flooded Molweni River. In addition an extra section was added to include the Mpithi Falls which increased the total distance to 18.5 km.

    The 2013 event was run in excellent weather with a slightly revised route on the 2012 event. The route distance was 18 km.

    The overall winner and winner of the men’s race was Derek Wasserfall (1:47:54) and to the ladies winner Alison Misselhorn (2:20:18) – the times were very fast for a tough course!

    We had for a total income R 52,800  – the funds were used to build new entrances at the Kloof Falls Road Picnic Site and at the Nkutu Picnic Site.

    224 runners started and there were 220 finishers.


    Men 1st 🥇Derek Wasserfall01:47:54
    Women 1st 🥇Alison Misselhorn02:20:18


    The inaugural Kloof Conservancy 3 Falls Trail Run took part on Sunday, 28 October 2012.

    The event was aimed at showcasing this beautiful reserve and at the same time raise much needed funds for projects run by the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Honorary Officers.

    116 runners started the tough but very scenic course with 111 managing to complete it. The men’s winner was Matt Kretzmann in a time of 01:39:27. The Ladies event was won by Kylie Griffin in 02:04:15. The winners were presented with innovative trophies designed and made by craftsmen from the Hillcrest Aids Centre.

    The event was a great team effort involving the volunteers from Kloof Conservancy, the Honorary Officers, a team of radio marshals from Hamnet KZN and the Ezemvelo staff at Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.


    Men 1st 🥇Matt Kretzmann01:39:27
    Women 1st 🥇Kylie Griffin02:04:15

    3 Falls Trail Run