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    Molweni River Community Park


    In November 2013 Kloof Conservancy initiated a project to construct a community park in Lower Molweni. This project is a follow-up on the Kloof Conservancy Molweni River Health Schools Project which identified incorrect use of the river as a potential problem to the water quality of the Molweni River.

    Following discussion with both the Traditional and Political leaders in the area it was agreed to emabrk on the construction of the park in Lower Molweni from where the Molweni River exits Krantzkloof Nature Reserve to where it joins the Umgeni River, a distance of approximately 3.2 km.

    Molweni River Community Park Map

    Work commenced in January 2014 and a full-time team of 5 workers has been employed to clear the riverbanks of invasive alien plants, construct paths and remove litter from the river. Three picnic site each with a table and benches were installed. Funding has been provided by Kloof Conservancy and the Durban Green Corridor. Since October 2014 the funding for the workers has been provided by the Dusi-Umgeni Conservation Trust (DUCT).

    The primary objective from a conservancy perspective has been the protection of the river and the biodiversity of the area but the park also provides the opportunity to combine environmental objectives with the provision of benefits for the community. The community benefits through the provision of an attractive recreational facility as well as an educational facility for the local schools who can use the park as a safe environment for education on eco-systems.

    A number of events have been held in the park, these include a “Celebrate Molweni Day” and a Bird and Butterfly Day. The park and picnic sites are used by the community on an ongoing basis.

    Employment opportunities have been created to create the park and these have continued as the control and eradication of invasive alien species is an ongoing task.

    The project is supported by a number of organisations including Umgeni Water, DUCT, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and various departments within eThekwini Municipality which include DSW, Metro Water, Natural Resources, Stormwater and Catchment Management and Parks Department.

    This project is part of the conservancy’s outreach efforts to extend its “green footprint” into areas which do not have formal conservation practices.

    Negotiations are ongoing with eThekwini Municipality to integrate this park with the official eThekwini parks system.

    DUCT Logo


    The Dusi-Umgeni Conservation Trust (DUCT) are committed to the rehabilitation of the Umgeni and uMzindusi Rivers. They employ and manage the five-man team working on the Molweni River Community Park.

    For more information on DUCT, visit their website.

    Durban Green Corridor

    Durban Green Corridor Logo

    The Durban Green Corridor are our partners in this venture. They assist with the promotion of tourism and the park.

    For more information on the Durban Green Corridor, visit their website.

    Our Projects

    Molweni River Community Park