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Biodiversity Talk – My 60 best plants for landscaping a local garden


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My 60 best plants for landscaping a local garden

Presenter: Chris Dalzell

Chris has for decades been a household name in Durban due to his position as Curator of Durban Botanic Gardens from 1990 – 2010. A career that has spanned 30 years in the Botanic Gardens world has taken Chris to over 62 countries where he has lectured, fundraised and plant sourced allowing Durban Botanic Gardens to grow as a world class Botanic Gardens under his Curatorship. Chris has worked and studied in some of the most famous garden in the world including Longwood Gardens in the USA and part of the team that built the new $1 Billion Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Today Chris runs a very successful Landscape consulting business that includes Landscaping, consulting, plant broking, Botanical tours, lecturing and writing.